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An askMID account will allow users at your organisation to make unlimited enquiries of Navigate (previously known as the MID) on third party vehicles in connection with Road Traffic Accidents only. You will receive the third party insurance details (policy number, insurer name, and claims contact details).

If you are an organisation that qualifies to use this service, then you will need to register by completing the form below. If you have queries about your eligibility or the registration process, please contact the askMID support team at

On submission of your registration request, you will see an acknowledgment on the screen. The askMID support team will review your registration request and your Key Account User (KAU) will receive their decision by email along with an invoice for £750 (inc VAT). Payment of this will allow the users set up for your organisation to make unlimited enquiries during the subsequent 12 months. You will need to re-register to continue making enquiries after that time, and will be reminded that your expiry date is approaching.

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Please note for all Users their email address will be their login.

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