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Worth the risk?

It didn’t even seem like a risk at the time – I never thought I’d get caught.

I was on my way to meet the boys at the cinema, a film I’d really been looking forward to seeing, when the police stopped me.

I thought they were just going to tell me off about speeding, but they asked if I was insured.

I didn’t have insurance – I’d needed the cash to fix up my car and make it look real nice.

I missed the film and got a fine. Now I’m back on the bus, and I’ve got points on my licence.

Problem is I need a clean licence for work, so my boss says I might lose my job.

I wish I hadn’t taken the risk.


Facts & Figures

1 person is prosecuted for driving without insurance every 3 minutes.*

You can get fines of £5,000, points on your licence and have your vehicle destroyed if you drive without insurance.

The police seize 2,500 uninsured vehicles every week.

View UK uninsured driving hotspots *Ministry of Justice data, 2009

When I was told that the police seize nearly two and a half thousand cars a week because they are not insured, I was really surprised.
I can’t believe that so many people are willing to take the risk and drive a car without insurance. That’s why I am supporting the important work the Motor Insurers’ Bureau is doing to engage with communities and raise awareness of the facts.

Everybody needs to understand that driving a car without insurance is illegal, and is a risk that could cost you everything.
I know car insurance can be expensive, but in the long run it will save you more than just money.

When you get caught driving without insurance it’s not just about the fines you receive or the points on your licence, you could also lose your freedom, your independence, your job and get a criminal record…it’s just not worth it.

Ameet Chana

Driving without insurance

It is illegal to drive a vehicle without valid insurance.

The police use technology that reads your number plate and information on the Motor Insurance Database (MID) to identify and catch people driving uninsured vehicles.

They seize nearly 2,500 uninsured vehicles every week, and somebody is convicted for uninsured driving every three minutes.

If you drive without insurance you face:

£300 fixed penalty fine
  • +  6 points on your driving licence
  • +  £20 per day storage charge and £150 collection fee if the vehicle is impounded by police
  • +  your vehicle could be seized and destroyed by the police if not re-claimed after 14 days
  • +  a maximum fine of £5,000 and 8 points on your licence if prosecuted

Owning an uninsured vehicle

Even if you do not drive it, any vehicle you own must have valid insurance. Whether it is kept on the road, in your garage or away from your home address, it must be insured.

If you are the registered keeper of a vehicle without insurance, you could face:

£100 penalty
  • +  the vehicle could be clamped, seized
    and destroyed
  • +  £1,000 fine and court prosecution
  • +  additional penalties if you drive the vehicle

The only exemptions are if the vehicle:

  • -  has been officially declared off the road to the DVLA (known as SORN)
  • -  has been recorded as stolen and not recovered by the police
  • -  is scrapped